What is Subrogation in insurance? Meaning, How it works and key Factors.

Let’s understand the term subrogation and what is part it plays in the role of an insurance company,
What is Subrogation in insurance? Meaning, How it works, and Key Factors.

What is Subrogation?

Subrogation is a legal term determining by the insurance company to deny your claim,
wherein the insurance company holds the legal right to pursue the legal charges against
the third party who is the cause for the damages the insurance company is liable for.

How Does a Subrogation Work?

In simple words, Subrogation is a situation wherein your insurance company denies paying the claim,
stating that the damages caused to you are third-party damages, and asks you to claim the damages
from them, this situation is legally known as Subrogation.

Meanwhile, in some scenarios, the insurance company identifies that there was no mistake of the insurance holder,
and pay the claim to him, and then the insurance company makes you sign the subrogation contract,
wherein the insurance company files a complaint against the third-party that has caused the damage to the insurance holder.
Then the insurance company claims the amount from the third-party that the company has already paid to the insurance holder.

In other conditions, the insurance company denies paying the policy amount,
because they hold a legal right to deny under subrogation clause stating
” If the Damages/Harm done by the third party then the insurance company is not entitled to pay
for the losses”. In this situation, you can not go for Insurance Ombudsman but you register a
complaint against the third party to recover for the losses that they have caused.

Example: Let us understand with the help of an example:

Suresh purchased a Laptop that is being insured by some XYZ insurance company,
due to some manufacturing defects, the laptops stopped working properly,
then Suresh goes up to his insurance company wherein the insurance agent denies
this claim under subrogation, however that want not Suresh’s mistake but still the insurance
company doesn’t claim his policy.
Suresh then registers a legal complaint on the laptop company, for providing him a laptop
which is not working properly, then after hearing the argument if the court orders the
laptop company pays compensation for the losses caused to Suresh.

What are the Rights of Insurance company in the Subrogation clause?

It is necessary to know your own right, it helps you analyze the situation and make you aware
of the losses that are needed to be avoided. But let us understand the Right of the Insurance company to our-self aware of them
if we ever find ou-self in that condition.

  • Firstly the insurance company needs to address that the cause of the losses was not done,
    by the customer or the insurance, policyholder to generate a wrongful claim, and then
    pay the claim amount.
  • Secondly, the Insurance company is entitled to register to file a legal charge against
    the third-party who is liable for the losses and redeem the charges from them,
    before that the insurance company enters a legal document that states the insurer has
    POA to the insurance company to claim a file against the third-party.


Key Factors To Remember:

  • The insurance company can only file a complaint after paying off the claim amount to the policyholder.
  • In certain cases, the insurance company charges fees for registering a subrogation.
  • Insurance Subrogation is applicable to all insurance policies.
  • Due to subrogation in effect, the insurance company will provide the policy-holder
    a lower premium claim amount.



In summary, to the topic ” What is Subrogation in insurance? Meaning How it works key Factors” we have covered all the factors you need to know,
usually, the insurance company denies the claim because it doesn’t want to go through all the legal hearing and what not?.
Then tells the policy-holder it does not fall under the policy and advises the customer to take it up with
the company to avoid all the legal aspects.
so, now you know what to if you find yourself in that position.

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