What Is Oracle FLEXCUBE? Features and Benefits

As we all know core banking has changed the way we look at banking services in today’s world, not only that it has also   WHAT IS ORACLE FLEXCUBE? FEATURE AND BENEFITS OF IT
Flexcube is a software used for automated universal core banking for the main purpose of providing assistance for banks and financial institutions all around the world. Its main focus is to offers customer-centric core banking functionalities and ensures user-friendly to all the customers,
increase communication between consumers and bank employees.

Flexcube is used in more than 115+ countries Since Flexcube is open-source it allows banks, financial institutions, and any other business to use its API
(Application Programming Interface) which means they can interface it as per their need.

Oracle Flexcube allows Banks with the following benefits:

  • A universal solution
  • Move to the centralized processing of big data
  • Helps to evaluate customer needs with regards to new products and services
  • Increase the productivity of  customer support
  • Easy to engage or switch products according to the demands of the market
  • Cost-efficient which will help you to increase revenue

FLEXCUBE has increased the pace of digital transformation and innovation in the banking sector.
It allows the machine to learn and adapt intelligence frameworks that allow the bankers to get valuable data.

The Major Features Of Flexcube Are As Follows:

  1. Responsive User Interface
  2. Personalized User experience
  3. Core functionalities for a traditional and non-traditional banking
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Privacy of data and compliance regulatory
  6. face recognition Biometric
  7. Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-entity operations

Benefits Of Flexcube:

By using we can create a user-friendly customer-centric operating system, which will help them to attract new prospects and leads.
It can distinguish products from multiple customization options.

It allows banks to move quickly and easily in the future. In other words, it will use to implement the various changes requested or adapt to emerging conditions.

It provides banks a faster integration with third-party apps to meet the needs of large banking ecosystems. It has all the needed APIs integration.

It is fully compliant with current regulatory requirements, customer needs, and expectations.
The system supports various deployment environments and reduces costs for innovation.

First of all, Flexcube is one of the core banking software, likewise, there are many more in the market.
For instance like Oracle FLEXCUBE, Finacle, Backbase, etc.
Finally In addition to that Flexcube is being used in more than 140+ countries, not only that
but also, they have the 3rd highest customer base of more than 380 million end-users.

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