PayZapp – Mobile Payment App Everything you need to know

PayZapp – Mobile Payment App Everything you need to know

Well, there are various online payment apps in the market, like Google pay,
Phonepay, Paytm, and N number of Digital wallet app that provides almost the same feature
compared to reach others, they are all the same, and yet they stand different.
But today we will be focusing on one of the apps created in India, so lets us understand about PayZapp – Mobile Payment App Everything you need to know.

As the Digital Wallet trends are trending all over the world, as it makes people’s life a bit easy to leads,
there is a various app that popping into the market that is unknown as there is saying
“Invention is the Mother of Necessity”.

PayZapp – Mobile Payment App is an E-Wallet App Launched by HDFC Bank in the year June 10, 2015,
However, the app is not only for the HDFC Customer but for each and everyone who has a bank account
with an active debit card.

PayZapp – Mobile Payment App is available for Andriod, IOS, and even for the PC version as well the application provides the various facilities to its user making it easy to how doesn’t matter on which operating system it is.

How to set up PayZapp – Mobile Payment App?

To use PayZapp – Mobile Payment App To get started using Google Pay, follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, To use the PayZapp you need to download the app, Click here to download the App, the app is available on all devices no matter android or ios, or windows.

Step 2: Secondly, Once you download the app, open the PayZapp – Mobile Payment App and add
a credit or debit card, by inputting your card details or even just scanning them.

Step 3: After entering your card details PayZapp – Mobile Payment App/ HDFC Bank will then verify all your details with the bank and wait for authentication through Email or a Text message, once it is done you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Finally, you are ready to use your PayZapp – Mobile Payment App anytime, you can pay bills, order groceries, make a payment hassle-free just by simply unlocking your phone and tapping on your PayZapp – Mobile Payment App and make payment anywhere.

How to use PayZapp – Mobile Payment App in stores?

Using a PayZapp – Mobile Payment App in the stores are super easy contact-less for both
store owner and even for the customer here are steps you need to follow to use PayZapp App in the stores:

 1: Firstly, Identify the QR scanner then open your app and scan the QR scanner using your PayZapp.

2: (PayZapp login) take out your phone and then login into the PayZapp app

3: Finally, Hold your phone over the counter over and scan the QR scanned, enter the amount,
and then input your MPIN number, wait for the payment to get confirmed, and in just a matter of seconds
you can confirm your payments.

Benefits of PayZapp – Mobile Payment App:

  • The app provides you a secure payment system.
  • PayZapp – Mobile Payment App has various offers and rewards to its users
  • You can earn money by referring your friends to this app.
  • The App can be used to book tickets, order groceries, pay the bill, etc
  • You can make a payment to anybody at any given time with just a few clicks.
  • Provides you the history of payments and transactions to keeps in check.
  • PayZapp is one of the most secured payment apps.

PayZapp Customer care :

You can reach customer care support in different ways either by calling their customer care support number or send them an email.
PayZapp Customer care: 1-800-102-9426  or email



In summary to the above topic “PayZapp – Mobile Payment App Everything you need to know” Well we have discussed the various aspect of the app, however, there are few aspects that are not constant like the instant the offer keep changing the services keeps getting better, as mentioned above “Invention is the Mother of Necessity”.


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