LeadMarket App Review, Download, and Pricing

The LeadMarket App is the growing platform for new business ideas,
the era of digitalization has been leading all the upcoming business if you don’t
adopt digitalization you are considered to be obsolete.

The Lead Market provides the leads to the business developers to promote their sales,
the lead market helps the business to reach its potential via various platforms.

How does lead Market work?

Well, the company collects the data from various aspects, and it is being divided into
various segments and then the data is being sold to the businessman or agents,
Who are in the need of that data and it is their task to convert that data into sales.

Whoever, it cannot be guaranteed that all the leads can be converted into sales,
which is completely based on the salesman convincing the lead and convert it into a profit.

Well, there are various similar companies that provide this kind of services among, which we will be
focusing on one of the best lead generating app makes as LeadMarket is an app developed by

The LeadMarket is an app developed by Suvision Holdings Private Limited,
They collect the data from its other app called Financial Freedom app,
It is India’s no 1 Financial Livelywood App.

Mr. C S Sudheer is the CEO and Owner of the Financial freedom app.
The Indian Money app download helps people by educating and evaluate their financial stability,
the Financial freedom App helps people in 5 various aspects of life:

  • Teaches How to Spend less?
  • How to Earn More via 7 different sources?
  • How to invest and create a portfolio?
  • Save money? And increase your worth by 5 times.
  • How to borrow wisely?

Here is the link to download the Indian money app download :

LeadMarket App


The Financial freedom app not only focus on the Financial Aspects of life but also on the aspect
of Enhancing personal life skills, which includes:

  • Farming
  • Carer building
  • Personal skills
  • Business Skills
  • Finance skills

The Financial Freedom App Generates its revenue from various different aspects,
one of its sources of income is selling the leads. The company has more a 1 million
Downloads. Every time you login in you enter your number and the number, therefore,
is considered as an active lead.

For EX: Ramesh downloads the Financial Freedom app And registers his number,
Ramesh Calls one of the financial advisors who are even known as a money doctor
and asks for help to buy term insurance.
Afterward, The company updates its profile into the leadmarket app,
wherein the interest agents who are truly looking for the leads to sell their products buy
that lead and make a call on behalf of stating that they are partner broker
of so and so firm and we have received your number from Indianmoney and then convenience
the customer and then close their sales.

There are Hundred of applications that provide the leads, some times to generate revenue,
the company sells the same data to various people and then blame the agents that they are not
equipped to make the sale.

Apps Login

App Indianmoney Login

How is LeadMarket App different from all the other app?

Well, the LeadMarket app gets its data from the Financial Freedom app,
which focus on various aspects of life, so it helps to segregate the data from on the basis of interest,
and secondly, the data is only considered into the lead when the customer calls the money doctor for the
the advice of a specific interesting concept.

The LeadMarket simultaneously uses a Unique way to give the leads it uses the MAN method to generate the leads,

  • “M” stands for Money
  • “A” stands for Authority and
  • “N” stands for Need.
let’s understand with an example:

Guru is an investor who is looking to invest his 20000rs in Fix Deposit,
(a lead having money, and authority over the money and in need of assistance)
furthermore, details of the guru are uploaded into the Leads Market app of Indian Money
company and the lead is bought by Laxmikanth a LIC agent, then the personal details of guru,
are finally enclosed with laxmikanth, now it is up to laxmikanth how he convinces guru,
guru may even invest more than 30000 on basis of laxmikanth’s convening skills.

The LeadMarket app is a very user-friendly User Interface programming,
However it has multiple questions while logging into the app, but it helps the user
in the future, because it helps the Indianmoney Financial freedom app to provide
you the leads as per your preferences of field.

Lead Replacement Policy:

One of the best Facility Provided by the LeadMarket is it has a very standard Lead Replacement Policy,
on the other hand, most of the company does not have this kind of policy.
However, even the Leadmarket app has the certain condition to replace the lead as follows:

  • If the agent buys a lead and after calling  the customer, if he says he has never agreed to
    provide his/her number to any agents then that lead is considered as falls lead and will
    be replaced by another lead.
  • The customer is not receiving the call or the number is either switched off not reachable
    for more than 4 days, then that lead is replaced with another active lead.

Lead Market Price:

The Lead market price is a price paid to the Indian money company to purchase the leads,
however, the price of each lead is different, depending upon the requirement of the customer,
and the price for each lead is being set.
Additionally, the lead market price was like a top-up wherein the money is added to the wallet of
leadMarket app and then we can claim the leads depending upon the price you willing to pay.
The prices are predefined and are not negotiable, so there should not only be any misleading but also,
to create transparency to all the leads market agents.

How to Install Leadmarket app?

LeadMarket App

Leadmarket App Install


Step1: Visit the play store or IOS store, search for LeadMarket APP and Install.

Step 2: Register your necessary details and login
Then app asks for certain basic details like Name, Mobile Number, Mail-Id(Optional).

Step 3: You have full access to the leadmarket agent portal:
Finally, now have access to the Leadmarket app wherein you can buy the leads as per your preference and requirements the app provides you the criteria and has a segment for all kinds of leads.
For EX: People who want to buy insurance are in an insurance segment. likewise, each segment is divided and the requirement of the customer determines the price of the lead.

Lead market customer care number:

there are two ways to contact lead market customer care:
Firstly, reach out to their toll-free number/ lead market Customer care no: 02261403671
also, the option is to reach them via official maid id 


In summary, the Lead market is a platform for the people who are willing to promote
there business, but there are various leadmarket reviews, a lot of positive reviews and negative ones as well, but here is the lead market feedback is that there are various loopholes that the app has
already identified and has even provided solutions as well.

In other words, My Lead market Feedback to the users is that now the app has changed its pricing strategy, it is better to do a trial and error technique to identify the quality of the leads market is
provided by them before continuing the business.


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