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How To Invest In Mutual Funds And The Best Platform To Invest In The Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is an investment tool wherein the funds are collected from the pool of investors and is being invested in a various diversified portfolio which is overlooked by a professional mutual fund advisor, who invests your hard-earned money into different various resource and provides you a specific rate of return on your investment.

well we know what is mutual funds but lets us understand
“How To Invest In Mutual Funds And The Best Platform To Invest In The Mutual Funds?”


There are two ways to invest in Mutual funds

  • Direct method/Direct plan
  • Indirect method/Regular plan


1. Direct method/Direct plan:

In the direct plan, firstly you can directly invest into the company of you own choice there won’t be any intermediaries you can pay the company through their website or any of the existing investment app, in this method you can enjoy all the profit and divident all by your self no need to pay any of the brokerage charges or commission to anybody.

2. Indirect method/Regular plan:

In this plan there are intermediaries involved who look after your investment and provides you with the best investment portfolio, this plan is the best suitable for the people who don’t have ideas where to invest or any ideas how to create a profitable, that is when expert advisor comes into the picture he is once guides and handles all the funds of investors and provide a fixed rate of return on their investment.
This method is a bit expensive than the direct plan because there is an intermediary are involved they charge a certain brokerage and commission on the services they have provided which is a fair price to pay depending upon the services provided.


Best Platforms to invest in the Mutual funds


1. Groww app







3. Easyplan


4. Paytm


5. Zerodha Coin

In summary, we have covered a few of the aspects of  “How To Invest In Mutual Funds,
And The Best Platform To Invest In The Mutual Funds?” however there are more platforms,
secondly, there are various things you should consider when you buy mutual funds,
likewise there certain charges to be taken into consideration as well.

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