How To Apply For Insurance Ombudsman

Insurance Ombudsman is actually a legal complaint filed by the customer against his/her insurance company, under the circumstance wherein the insurance company is not resolving the issue of the customer.

The insurance ombudsman offers assistance to the customer when you (customer) are unable to resolve the issue with the insurance company directly, the ombudsman plays the same role as the consumer court but it only interference in the cases of the insurance sector.
As per the ombudsman, all insurance companies must have a complaint handling protocol wherein they should resolve all the queries of the customer.

How does Ombudsman Works?

Ombudsman appoints a person or a person voluntarily accept the case against a company wherein he has an understanding that the company is not fulfilling its duty towards the customer even after a many repeated request, Either an individual or any entity can file a legal action against the insurance company with intent stating that the company has denied rejected his request towards his CIVIL RIGHTS that is Right To Information.

How to make an ombudsman?

If the customer is not satisfied with the services that are provided by the insurance company, he/she can approach the grievance department. If the customer is still unhappy even after several grievances and redressal the customer can then apply for the ombudsman.

Well, as mentioned in the above paragraph before making an ombudsman you have to apply for the grievance
(request for resolving your queries to the insurance company).

Which has to be done in a systematic manner wherein all the below-mentioned procedure has to be systematically followed by you :

  • First approach the Grievance Redressal Officer of your insurance company for resolving your troubles.
  • Give your complaint in writing in addition to the necessary support documents
  • Finally, take a written acknowledgment of your complaint with the date.

Then it’s finally up to the insurance company to resolve your complaint within a reasonable time:

  • In fact, if it is not resolved within 15 days or if you are still unhappy with their solution you can reapproach,
    the Grievance Redressal Cell of the Consumer Affairs Department of IRDAI:


Send a letter to IRDAI with your complaint:

    • No need to write you can download the form  Click here to download Complaint Registration Form
    • Fill the form and attach all the necessary documents with the form and send it to the below address.


General Manager,
Consumer Affairs Department Grievance Redressal Cell,
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI),
Sy.No.115/1,Financial District, Nanakramguda,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500032

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