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Financial Freedom App –

Financial Freedom application is an app developed by the company


What do you mean by Financial Freedom?

Well, Financial freedom is not a freedom to spend your money but it is more of a responsibility,
you have the freedom to manage your funds, but knowing how to handle your funds,
increasing your saving and try to spend less, and start investing, That is the true meaning of Financial Freedom.

How will the Financial Freedom app help you?

I’m glad you asked, yes it will definitely help you to organize your financial status.
But before jumping into how it will help you let us first understand a bit more about the is a company that educates people about financial freedom around 30,000 people on a daily basis.

Mr. C S Sudheer is the CEO and Founder of the company, The company was started on 18- September-2008,
it is a 12-year-old reputed company, which has been sharing its financial knowledge to the user through various platforms.

Financial Freedom App Information:

The company shares all the knowledge in the form of a video in its official company app named Financial freedom App Indianmoney
wherein all the videos are uploaded.
The app operates in six languages that are Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.
The company is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, with more than 1500+ employees, and 1000+ money doctor
(financial expert adviser).

The company has educated 100,000 people in the state police department, C S Sudheer has been the keynote speaker to the RBI on the topic of investment.
It has more than 40+ course in the financial freedom app which are dividend among 5 different categories:
1) Carer building courses,
2) Farming courses,
3) Business courses,
4) Personal Finance courses and
5) Life Skills courses.

Where the founder and owner of the company Mr. C S Sudheer explains every video in a brief explanation with examples and so,
Each and every course have a specific set of key speaker, who is actually the expert advisor in that field of work.

For example: If we are talking about Agriculture the key speaker for this course is Madhu Chandan,
who is the founder of organic former in Mandya, who earn 100,000 rs per month on one acre of land,
He has shared his ideas and technique so that they can reach as many people as possible.

Just like above Agriculture, there are more than 40+ courses, each course contains there own mentor who is an expert in that field.
Not only 40 courses the company release 2-4 new courses each month.

The companies vision to educate each and every person in India about finances, not more than 40 % of people know how to handle their income,
which means there are more than 60% who are unknown how to handle their income.

The financial freedom app revolves around these 5 important aspects:

  • How to Earn More From 7 Various sources of income?
  • Reduces spending by 30%?
  • How to invest and create a portfolio?
  • Save money? And increase your worth by 5 times.
  • How to borrow wisely?

Financial Freedom App - financial freedom app download


The Financial Freedom app Indianmoney is designed very user friendly, the company states if you know how to operate a remote you can use the app, the course is designed in such a way that, there is no need to focus on a specific age group the app has something to offer for everyone who is eager to learn.

Pros of financial freedom app :
  • Best app for the financial educational lively hood.
  • The financial freedom app is User friendly.
  • Expert adviser of each course
  • Multi-language platform
  • Best customer support service
Cons of financial freedom app:
  • The financial freedom app is only available for the mobile version
  • All the courses are not available in all the languages.
  • The subscription price is higher.

At they provide brief advice on all the financial products it may about banks, mutual funds, the stock market, and any other kind of government schemes.

Customer support of financial freedom app :

If the customer has any doubt all he needs to do is register and give a missed call to tool-free number 02261816111
and the Money Doctor will call you back, they will clear all your queries and provide you with other alternative options.
For examples: let’s assume you are applying for a loan in a bank, The financial freedom app advisers will provide you the details of each and every bank,
Provide the details of the eligibility criteria and loan procedure and provides additional details about any government subsidy schemes, etc

Apart from the regular school lessons, our kids need to know how to handle their money,
It’s our responsibility to teach our kids about saving, investing, and spending sadly,
not most of the schools follow these methods they only focus on academic and even after completion of their degree
people find it difficult, to analyze their financial stability.

Financial freedom  app is trying to address these issues in the public interest,
which are most beneficial in today’s growing world, Due to growing recession, increase the price,
and decrease in the value of money, a single source of income will not help you survive,
so it important to have multiple sources of income.

The financial freedom app not just focuses on the investment or financial aspect but also focuses on the activity
that can enhance the skill of financial survival.

Financial Freedom App

One of its main focus apart from agriculture and investment is on small scale industries,
it has multiple courses which influence the HOMEMAKERS
For EX: Jeweller business, pickle business, Silk tread business, etc.

Apart from that, there are various upcoming courses like:

How to become the best dancer?
Steps of becoming the best actor? And various other courses.

The company picks the topic on the basis of the public interest and which can create a livelihood for the public,
Like all the courses before each and every upcoming course will have a mentor and professional adviser.
For EX: Madhu Chandan is the mentor for the topic of “How to earn 1 lakh for 1 acre of land per month ?”
just like that, there are various expert advisors for each course.

Financial Freedom app Success stories:

The user of the financial freedom app Indianmoney share their stories under the success stories categories,
it can be viewed by all the users.

Financial Freedom app Community:

The Financial freedom app creates a community for people to helps each other out,
for Ex: A community of the former, where if there is a doubt to a person he can share his doubt, and someone from the community,
will help them resolve the queries and provide assistance if necessary.
just like this, all the courses have a different community each try to full fill its purpose.

Future Planning of financial freedom app:

The company is trying to come up with a training program as well in the future,
as stated by their CEO C.S.Sudheer in one of his recent live videos on youtube.
Mr. C.S.Sudheer host a free live secession on youtube every day around, In 2 different variation,
the first section is somewhere around 7:30 PM which is English secession,
the second secession around 8 or 8:30 PM which is Kannada secession,
Wherein he enlights the viewers about a specific topic each day, and most of the time he is accompanied by some of the experts
advisor in the field of that topic, who provides insight to the topic in brief.

List of courses in the financial freedom app

As we have already known the various categories under the financial freedom app Indianmoney,
Below is the list of the courses under each category:

  • Personal Finance Courses :

    This is one among the 5 categories, under this heading there we will learn how to handle our money,
    how to save, and learn how to utilize wisely, under this heading there are more than 15+ topic,
    below is the list of topics covered under the heading personal finance course:
    A) Financial freedom course-Be Wise Get Rich (7 Hours, 32 Videos)
    B) How to Become The Big Bull Of Stock Market? (5 Hours, 16 Videos)
    C) How to Improve Your Credit Score? (1 Hour, 4 Videos)
    D) How to get Home Loan at Lesser Interest Rate? (2 Hours, 9 Videos)
    E) Is credit card Boon or Bane? (2 Hours, 8 Videos)
    F) How to Grow your Money with Mutual Funds? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    G) How to get Personal Loan at lesser Interest Rate? (1 Hour, 5 Videos)
    H) How to Become Rich in the Post Covid World? (1 Hour, 7 Videos)
    I) Money and Kids (1 Hour, 6 Videos)
    J) How to Make Money with IPO? (2 Hours, 10 Videos)
    K) Estate Planning Course (2 Hours, 8 Videos)
    L) Term Insurance Course  (2 Hours, 8 Videos)
    M) Course on Government  Schemes (5 Hours, 8 Videos)
    N) Real Estate Course (4 Hours, 8 Videos)
    O) Course on Marriage and Money (4 Hours, 8 Videos)
    P) Car Loan Course (2 Hours, 8 Videos)
    Q) Health Insurance Course (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    R) Home Insurance Course (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    S) Education Loan Course (2 Hours, 8 Videos)
    T) Tax Planning Course (3 Hours, 8 Videos)

  • Farming Courses :

    This is one of the most preferred courses in the financial freedom app,
    this category contains fare amount of course, as given below :
    A) Earn 1 Lakh/Month from 1 Acre of Agri-Land (2 Hours, 8 Videos)
    B) How to Build a Successful Sheep, Goat Farming Business? (3 Hours, 14 Videos)
    C) How to start Honey Bee Farming Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    D) How to become successful in Floriculture? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    E) How to get income from Multi crop farming throughout the year? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    F) How to earn more in Poultry Farming? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    G) How to Start a Plant Nursery Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    H) How to start a Dairy Farming Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    I) How to become Successful in Forest Farming? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    J) How to Start Pig Farming? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    K) How to start Fish Farming? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    L) Farm Loan Course (3 Hours, 8 Videos)

  • Business Courses :

    This course will not only help you understand the main essence of doing and business,
    but also help’s you in starting your own business.
    This course contains the specified list of courses:
    A) How to Build a Million Dollar Business?  (3 Hours, 10Videos)
    B) How to Build a Successful and Affordable Health Care Business? (1 Hour, 8 Videos)
    C) How to start a Global Business from a village? (6 Hours, 17 Videos)
    D) How to start a soap Making Business from Home? (1 Hour, 17 Videos)
    E) How to start Cake Making Business from Home? (3 Hours, 17 Videos)
    F) How to Build a successful Handicraft Business? (3 Hours, 13 Videos)
    G) How to Build a Fish/Chicken Retailing Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    H) How to Become a Successful Woman Entrepreneur? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    I) How to set up a Super Market? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    J) How to Start a Pickle Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    K) How to Start a Silk Thread Jewelry Business from Home? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    L) How to Start a Non-Veg Restaurant Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    M) How to start a Travel and Tourism Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    N) How to Build a Successful Bakery/Sweet Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    O) How to Start/ set up a Veg Restaurant? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    P)  How to Start an Edible Oil Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    Q) How to be Successful in Salon and Spa Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    R) How to Build an IPO worth Company? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    S) How to Start Terracotta Jewellery Business from Home? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    T) How to Start a Food Truck Business? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    U) PR for Businesses (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    V) How to Build a Successful Export Business in Manufacturing? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    W) Business Loan Course (3 Hours, 8 Videos)

  • Career Building Courses :

    This course covers the main essences of building a career, this course clearly provided insight for the students,
    who are focusing on their goals and are in need of motivation, this course provides the energy booster to everyone.
    The following are the videos covered under this course :
    A) How to Build Your Career Like a Boss? (4 Hours, 9 Videos)
    B) How to Build Your Career in PR and Communications? (2 Hours, 10 Videos)
    C) How to Crack UPSC? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    D) How to Build a Successful Career in IPS? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    E) How to Become a Great Teacher? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    F) How to Become a Successful Actor? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    G) How to Become a Successful Writer? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    H) How to Become a Successful Doctor? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    I) How to Crack KPSC? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    J) How to Become a Successful Fitness Trainer? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    K) How to Crack CA? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)

  • Life Skills Courses :

    Under this course, you find various videos that will help you analyze your skills and grow them more,
    under this category, there are videos that will teach you a new set of skills that will make your life a bit easier.
    A) Cyber Security in The Digital Era (2 Hours, 2 Videos)
    B) Money and Kids (2 Hours, 6 Videos)
    C) How to Become a Super Parent? (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    D) Health is Wealth with Vanita Ashok (3 Hours, 8 Videos)
    E) Course on Marriage and Money (4 Hours, 8 Videos)

Pricing for financial freedom app:

Well till now we have understood everything the Financial Freedom app has to offer us,
but to get access to all the above course you have to subscribe and  pay certain considerable charges,
there are various entertainment app on which we spend a lot of amounts, but here is an app that will help us
grow in the future and provide us with abundant knowledge which is way more essential to survive in today’s world.

The subscription pricing is in 3 different variances but the best part is  you can choose the plan at your convenience,
which are as follows 3 months, 6months, and 1-year package.
Well, when it comes to the pricing part there is not much of a difference between the 3 packages, that being said there are only.

3 major difference that comes into consideration that makes a huge impact on the cost, let’s look into those difference:

A) Subscription Duration,
B) New Courses, and
C) Cost of Subscription.

A) Subscription Validity:
As we have mentioned above there are 3 variant subscription packages with the difference in the span of time,
3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.  The major difference except pricing is the validity of the subscription,
the user will get all the benefits but only till the expiry of validity.

B) New Courses:
The Financial Freedom App release 2-3 new different videos course every month,
If you are have opted for the 3-month package after the expiry of the validity, you won’t be able to view any of the new content videos,
the course may be beneficial to you, but no worry you can directly go for upgrades to the existing plan which will not only increase your validity,
but will also help your cost reduction, because you are already an existing customer the company provides you a certain additional discount.

C) Cost of Subscription:
Expect the above 2 difference there is the only difference that is the difference of cost, each package has a variant in the cost depending upon its validity.
the Best plan is for 1 year because it only reduces the cost of the package but also comes with longer validity and with the benefit of access to a new course.

Financial Freedom App cost of the Subscription:

3-Months = 1999/-
6- Months= 3999/-
1 Year = 4999/-
There is a variation of cost depending upon companies decisions.

Financial Freedom App Refer and Earn:

Apart from all the benefits, the financial freedom app is providing their customer with an additional facility called “Refer and Earn”.
All you need to do is refer the financial freedom app  to any of your family or friends, by sharing your reference code, and you will be provided
with 30% of the price of your reference immediately, from this feature, even the customer can start earning.


Step 1: Download the app for your Andriod or IOS from the play store 

or You can download the financial freedom app by clicking on the link below

Step 2: Login into the Financial freedom app:
Then you need to register for the app by providing your Name, Mobile Number, and Email address, Date of Birth, etc.
after which you will receive an OTP (one-time-password) enter that top and you’ll be successfully logged into the financial freedom app.

Step 3: Start learning:
Once you are login into the app you can have access to courses, it doesn’t matter if you new to the financial world or have an experience
you can start exploring from the scratch, and if you have any doubt guide are always there you provide you assistance.

Financial Freedom App Review:

Here is a review of the Financial freedom app

User Interface              5/5
Content                           4.5/5
Pricing                            4/5
Customer Support      4/5


Financial freedom app in brief is an educational/livelihood app that is suitable for age group, in today’s growing world knowledge is considered as power,
and financial freedom app provides that power to its user, it is one of the best apps for learning and enhancing your skills and to be a better version of yourself.
If you planning to subscription do it for a year, if you opt for a year the cost of the subscription will is considerably low.



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