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Difference Between Stock Market vs Mutual Funds

When it comes to investment people usually don’t explore the various sources of investment,
their number of investment tools in the market, among those various sources,
Stock market and mutual funds are two very popular and promising investment tools,
with a higher rate of return compared to other sources.
Well, this topic has covered the difference between stock market vs mutual funds.

Mutual Funds:

A mutual fund is an investment tool wherein the funds are collected from the pool of investors and is being invested in a various diversified portfolio which is overlooked by a professional mutual fund advisor, who invests your hard-earned money into different various resource and provides you a specific rate of return on your investment.

Stock Market:

The stock market is a platform wherein seller can meet and commences business, 
there is no physical asset to exchange usually it is just the transfer of power over the asset,
For a considerable amount.

Know we know what is meaning of both stock market and mutual funds lets jump into understanding Difference Between Stock Market vs Mutual Funds

Difference Between Stock Market vs Mutual Funds

Stock market
Mutual funds


Self-evaluation Expert advisor is allocated
Investment Direct investment Investment through agent
Ownership Shares holder are considered as a company owner Only owners of a particular set of assets
Value As per share price As per net asset value
Diversification Not as compared to Mutual funds More diversified than stocks
Flexibility Not flexible Completely flexible
Commission Full or discount Load or no-load
Liquidity 3 business days Almost immediately
Voting rights Yes No


Well, we have covered the topic “Difference Between Stock Market vs Mutual Funds”.
under this, there are a various aspect that is clarified like voting and ownership, etc
but usually, both are overseen by SEBI to maintain the transference and to avoid losses.


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