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Sudheer Chikkalli Surendra (C S Sudheer)

Mr. C S Sudheer is a founder and C.E.O of (Suvision Holdings Pvt Ltd),
born on April 4, 1986 (35) is an inspiring entrepreneur, Financial advisor,
Author and a Motivational speaker. Sudheer comes from a middle-class family from a small village Chikkalli near Thirthahalli in Karnataka, he is a young inspiring entrepreneur chasing his dreams and goals.

Mr. C S Sudheer is an expert in various field, but mainly known for his financial advisory,
but he also an author of a book named Love Beyond Death, a book that provides speaks about,
how much financial stability plays an important role in the human being aspect,
not only that but also provides to analyze the financial situation of our loved ones in case of the sudden death of you.

C S Sudheer Biography:

C S Sudheer started the Financial Freedom app on 18, September 2008.
he was 22 years old when he started his career as an entrepreneur.
He quit his job in 2009, to focus on his entrepreneurship.
C S Sudheer wife is one among the few who held his hand at the time of crisis.
C S Sudheer got married at the age of 24(date 7 June 2010) and faced a lot of difficulties after his marriage, he started losing money in the business and was not even able to pay the salary to his employees.

Sudheer completed his graduation with Bachelors of Business Management -Marketing and postgraduate from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Being a topper of his college he secured a job as a manager of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and as a Cluster Head at Howden India.

While working in ICICI he faced a turning point in his life, where he meets an auto driver who was deceived by an investment a broker who promised 1 lakh rs of return on the investment of 25000 rs after 3 years, after which CS Sudheer helped the auto driver by paying him out of his own pocket.

C S Sudheer wife even sold all her gold ornaments to support him to run his business,
in an interview his states that after his parents, his wife is one of the key motivators to reach,
where he is today. Sudheer has two kids and leading a happy married life.

C S Sudheer Networth:

When it comes to CS Sudheer Networth you cannot differentiate
from him, both are 2 faces of coin one cannot be taken into consideration without the other,
according to a survey of the blog named “YOURSTORY.COM” CS Sudheer Networth was around
6 million rupees in the financial year of 2014-15.

That is when  Mr. C S Sudheer thought of providing Financial knowledge to the people of India.
So, that people like that auto-driver would also have basic knowledge about their financial stability.

Mr.C S Sudheer has been a Key Speaker to RBI and not just but he has also represented India in the World Banking council.

That is when CS Sudheer has Started a company, an application named Financial freedom App, under which there is a various course of teaching aspect of life and how to evaluate and enhance your personal skills towards growth, Mr. C S Sudheer’s vision is to provide financial literacy to the people of India, through this Financial Freedom app.

writing blogs

Mr.C S Sudheer before starting  Financial freedom app.
He started his carer by writing blogs, teaching the degree college students,
how are about to start their earnings about how to manage their financial stability,
and how to start creating wealth generation and avoid spending and save more.

Mr. S C Sudheer started the company in the year 2008, Now the company has crossed a milestone of 10 years and is awarded as India’s NO 1 financial advisory app, wherein providing financial assistance to over 35000 people every single day. is into the various horizontal category the company started providing financial knowledge and then it started selling data to potential leads to the agent for the sake of promoting its insurance brand. The leads are collected from the Financial Freedom app and were sold in a different
platform another App named “LeadMarket” which is the same company owner by Suvision Holdings Private Limited.

The is a sub registered under the Suvision Holdings Private limited,
let’s know a bit about Suvision Holdings Private limited, it was the company under which Indian money is

Suvision Holding Private Limited is a private share limited company.

Name Suvision Holdings Private Limited
Date of Incorporation 18-Sep-08
Authorized capital 32,50,000
Paid-up capital 24,70,940
last Annual General meeting 31-12-2020
Managing Director Sudheer Surendra Chikkahalli (c s sudheer)
Director Surendra Chikkalli Siddappagowda
Nominee Director Ravindra Krishnappa
Nominee Director Sashi Parvatha Reddi
Address No 50, Vinay Arcade 4th Floorkh Road, Banglore 56KN 560027

Then the company released a Financial Freedom Application on which focus on the 5 major aspects of life:

  • It helps you to Generate 7 different sources of income
  • It Advice you how to reduce your expenses up to 30%
  • Provides you the ideas on how to increase your net worth 5 times
  • It Helps you Secure financial stability for your loved ones
  • It provides you a financial advisory course to create a better portfolio.

How to download Financial Freedom App

Here are the steps to download the Financial Freedom App C S Sudheer

Financial Freedom App Install click on the link below


Step 1: Visit the play store or IOS store, search for Financial Freedom APP.
or you can visit the link below to download the app / Financial Freedom App install

Step 2: Register your necessary details and login
The app asks for basic details like Name, Mobile Number, Mail-Id(Optional).

Step 3: You are set to go:
You now have access to the various course trailer,
but to watch the whole course you need to subscribe.

Each course covers all the aspects of financial stability and personal growth as well,
there are more than 40+ course presential in the Indian financial freedom app,
which are divided into these 5 major headings:

  • Carer building courses,
  • Farming courses,
  • Business courses,
  • Personal Finance courses and
  • Life Skills courses.

Each, of the Category, contains a specific set of courses under them and every course has a specified coach for that particular topic, who has vast experience in that field and considered an expert,
not only that but also the company release new 2-3 course, every month,
there are various courses that financial freedom plans bring.

For EX: In the field of Personal Finance Course Mr.C S Sudheer is the expert advisor,
and in the field of Farming courses, Mr.Madhu Chandan has been an expert Advisors.

The Financial Freedom App is active in more than 6 languages
Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. apart from that, he runs a TV show in Kannada and English.
In Kannada at 7:25 Am on the Suvarna news channel and English at 8:00 am on Republic TV.

Apart from that Mr.C S Sudheer hosts live on his youtube channel every day around 8 pm,
speaking about a specific topic and answering the question of his viewers.

Vision on Indian money company

The Indian Vision is to provide financial awareness to the citizen of India,
statistically speaking not more than 40% of the population of India has basic educational knowledge about financial stability and it is very essential to create a secondary source of income to survive in today’s world.

The Company has provided the financial knowledge to the 100,000+ employee,
Karnataka state police department and also has gathered more than 50,000+ active subscribers last year (2019-2020).

The Company Financial Freedom app aims to create a training program center in the future. wherein Mr.CS Sudheer planning on providing practical knowledge about all the courses.

The Financial Freedom App has the best customer support services,
we can reach the customer support service in 4 different ways,

  • Tool-free number 02261816111,
  • You can schedule a call by registering on the financial freedom app,
  • You can CHAT with their advisor on any topic, and
  • Finally, you can send a mail to their registered email address

The company now has more than 1500+ employees working in various parts of the state,
The employee salary package of Indian is around 14,000 – 20,000 per month.

Advantages of Financial Freedom App:

  • One of the best App for financial lively hood
  • No language barrier hence easier to understand, the app comes in 6 different languages.
  • Professional expert advisors on every course.
  • The financial freedom app excellent customer support.

Drawbacks of the Financial Freedom App:

  • The Application is not available in the Desktop version
  • There are few courses which are not yet available in all the languages.
  • The Financial freedom app is not a free app there a subscription charge.



In Summary, Mr.C S Sudheer is an entrepreneur who aims to provide financial education, to the people of India, and has come a long way towards success,
crossing a milestone of 12 years, and aims to brings new and innovative ideas to educate the people to enhance their financial and lifestyle skills.


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