Banking Ombudsman and How To Apply Online

Banking Ombudsman and How To Apply Online:

A banking ombudsman is a complaint registered by the customer on the bank for nothing providing the proper services such as credit card complaints,
deficiencies in providing the promised services even by banks’ sales agents, levying service charges without prior notice to the customer even after
various request or grievances complaints.
Banking ombudsman is registered under section 35 A, under the Banking Ombudsman scheme of 2006.

Who is a Banking Ombudsman?

The Banking Ombudsman is a senior official appointed to resolve the complaint of the customer against the deficiency in any of the banking services.
Applicable to all commercial banks, regional rural banks, and scheduled primary cooperative banks having business in India.

A Banking ombudsman is appointed by the Reserve Bank of India, A Chief General Manager is appointed as Banking Ombudsman
for the period of 3 years.

How does the Banking ombudsman work?

A banking Ombudsman is a person appointed by the Reserve bank of India, he is the one who looks after the grievance of the customer against the banks.
The grievance may be about the credit card complaints, deficiencies in providing the promised services even by banks’ sales agents,
levying service charges without prior notice, and any sexual harassment. Etc

How to Register a Complaint of Ombudsman Against Bank?

Well, it’s pretty simple to complain a file against any bank in banking ombudsman thanks to RBI makes it accessible to all the customer user.
Well, it’s especially free of cost, Some people tend to waste the time of the court without any base and false acquisition against the bank.
That is why there are certain rules to follow before making a complaint to identify that the case is valid to its points.

According to the survey report published dated on 29-December-2020 of the Reserve Bank Of India, the total number of cases registered in the year
2019-2020 are more than 2,81,190 plus cases, Under which a number of the case are registered as of :

Public sector bank – 1,75,506
Private sector bank – 98,645 
Foreign Banks – 5,916
Small Finance Banks – 1,123

The cases are files against various different categories like Account, loans and advances, debit and credit cards charges, Mobile banking, and pension, etc,
as mentioned in the below table:

SL. No Name of the Bank Account Loans and Advances  Debit card/ Credit card Mobile Banking Levy of Charges Without Prior Notice Pension Non- Observance of Fair Practices Failure On Commitments and Failure of Commitment to BCSBI Code Others Total
1 Public Sector Banks 5,694 9,870 54,595 25,237 8,283 6,161 20,606 19,912 25,148 1,75,506
2 Private Sector Banks 2,287 5,340 30,096 12,429 9,043 57 11,662 14,054 13,677 98,645
3 Foreign Sector Banks 121 213 2,946 567 339 2 527 637 564 5,916
4 Small Finance Banks 56 114 147 65 95 0 211 171 264 1,123
5 Total 8,158 15,537 87,784 38,298 17,760 6,220 33,006 34,774 39,653 2,81,190

Here are the following detailed process of filling a banking ombudsman:


Step 1: Firstly register a complaint :
The first step is to file a complaint to the bank requesting to resolve the issue you are facing with your account in the written format and keep proof for future references.

Step 2:  Wait for the response from the bank :
After registering a complaint the bank has to provide the solve the problems with a specific period of time, usually 15 days.

Step 3: Grievance Redressal :
Once you receive the response from the bank, if you are still facing the same issue or if you don’t receive the response at all,
then you can appeal for grievance redressal.

Step 4: Apply for Ombudsman :
After following all the above steps, if you are still not satisfied with the response of the bank, then you can apply for a banking ombudsman.
a) Wait for 30 days after the redressal,
b) Have to complain with 12 months of time,
c) Provide all documents for filing.

You can apply for the banking ombudsman either offline and even online as well:


Offline Application :

Download the application form and fill it and submit the form to the banking ombudsman (BO) office.
with all the relevant details and evidence.

Online Application :

You can visit the RBI: Ombudsman link given below and fill the application form and submit it online. 

After submitting the application will be provided with the application details and a unique registered number for the follow-up.

Result: Once your complaints are passed and if the bank is found guilty, Compensation is up-to a maximum of 20 lakh rupees.
Compensation for Mutual agony and Harassment is a maximum of Rs 1 lakh.


As we have covered what is “Banking Ombudsman and How to Apply ?” But we have to focus on the facts as well,
if it found that the complaint is not valid the consumer will be penalized for 25,000 rs for wasting the time of the court.


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