Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account Benefits and Documents

Bandhan Bank Savings Account

Well, there are various banks providing almost all the features and in a particular manner but yet people always end up choosing the various different banks, it’s simple most of choosing the bank that we are aware of or made aware of, which means we choose those bank which we have come across in our daily life. Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account Benefits and Documents

However, there are various bank accounts that provide various other benefits but due to less market coverage or lack of funding for advertisement, we have never heard of that plan never before.

Well one among them is Bandhan Bank, as most of the banks ask for minimum maintains for opening a bank account the Bandhan Bank does not claim for minimum maintains, however, there are kinds of account in Bandhan bank but identifying among them which is the zero balance account is the target.

Bandhan Bank Ltd. is one of the Indian banking and financial services private companies headquartered in Dalhousie Kolkata, West Bengal.
Bandhan Bank presently widely available in 34 states and the Union Territories of India. Currently, Bandhan Bank has more than 5,200+ banking outlets all over India serving around more than 2.25 crore customers.

Bandhan Bank received the license from The Reserve Bank of India On 17 June 2015, to practice universal banking. On 23 August 2015, the bank started its operations with 501 branches, 50 ATMs. The bank has collected deposits of over 71,188 crores and the total advances stand at 80,255 crores, as of December 31, 2020.

BSBDA Savings Account:

The BSBDA Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account is by Bandhan Bank, it is a feasible bank account created especially to help the common man and it is packed with all the basic required banking facilities. Here are the following features include in BSBDA as follow:

  • BSBDA is a zero-balance account with a Zero minimum balance requirement to open an account.
  • No upper limit for Maximum balance.
  • Free Passbook is provided on opening an account.
  • ATM- cum- Debit Card is provided on opening an account.

GOS Savings Account:

Bandhan Bank GOS Savings Account is a zero balance savings account offered specifically for government grants. GOS saving account provides support to both the Central and State bodies, agencies, and departments. It provides various features including as follows:

  • As mentioned in the above statement it is a zero balance saving account. which means there is no penalty levied on the account holder for maintaining a low balance or no balance in the bank account.
  • No additional charges for providing the Doorstep Banking facility.
  • Zero charges for collecting the Cheque.

Special Savings Account:

This account is specially created for people who are differently-abled so that they can meet their requirements, the special saving account is offering a wide range of banking services at the lowest cost possible and at zero balance maintains charges. below are the following benefits of these special savings accounts as follows:

This saving account is specially crafted to suitable meet the requirements of the differently-abled. The Special Savings Account offers a wide range of banking services at low maintenance. The benefits of this bank account are as follows:

  • The government has made it Complimentary Net Banking, Mobile Banking, and Phone Banking facility to be provided for this account.
  • Additionally, free Home banking facility, the account holder is eligible for 1 free cash/ cheque pick-up and drop facility each month.
  • Convenient Banking- the account holder can transfer his account at any given time to his convenient branch so that he can easily access it and no need to visit the home branch every time there is any query.
  • However, it is a zero balance account it is requested to the customer maintain an Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 5,000 to redeem the interest return on their savings.


Documents Required for opening an account in Bandhan Bank:

The following documents required to open a saving bank account in the Bandhan Bank:

  • Proof of identity:
    The proof of Identity can be either a Voter Id, Aadhaar card, Pan Card, or a Driving Licence.
  • Proof of residence:
    Passport, Aadhaar card, Utility bills, etc any of the following can be provided for the sake of the
    residential proof.
  • 3 Passport size Photographs.



In summary towards the topic above “Bandhan Bank Zero Balance Savings Account Benefits and Documents” we have followed the following are the three kinds of saving account provided by the Bandhan Bank which are zero maintains accounts, which are great when taken into consideration students or low-income group like labour or people working for daily wages, refer the people it may be useful to someone.

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